The team at CRI Environnement Inc. is one of the most experienced in Quebec in the fields of management, storage, segregation and consolidation of hazardous residual materials.

As such, it has adopted a business mission and vision that reflects the values acquired in exercising the profession of environmental management, while serving the various industries that make up its customer base.

Although different in nature, this mission and this vision, start from the same principle, that of responsible management.


CRI Environnementl Inc. assumes full responsibility of the hazardous residual materials entrusted to it and undertakes to manage them according to the 3RVE concept (reduce, reuse, recycle, valorization and safe elimination), thus maintaining a sustainable development approach in the application of efficient and economical solutions for its customers.


The main resource of a company is it's staff members. CRI Environnement Inc. has chosen to prioritize the health and safety of its employees. To this end, a comprehensive program of occupational health and safety has been developed and is applied both in terms of work procedures and the wearing and maintenance of protective equipment.

Licenses and insurance

The second most important resource a company has is its customers, CRI Environnement Inc. has decided to put into practice all the principles encouraging the establishment and maintenance of a relationship of trust between the generator and the hazardous waste manager. To this end, our company has acquired the necessary business licenses, certificates of approval and some of the most comprehensive environmental and liability insurance coverage ($ 5M), that conforms to rigorous inspection procedures and auditing for compliance.

Technological development

CRI Environnement Inc. is determined to offer its customers the best technologies available for the treatment of contaminated water, aerosols, management of hazardous waste in bulk, small quantities and in labpacks, all with computerized tracking of the hazardous residual materials. The head start that our company already holds in these areas permits  envisioning the integration of various services into a turnkey solution, thus providing the customer a comprehensive management solution for hazardous residual material, from the initial collection to the final processing.

Environmental policy

As a leading player in environmental management, CRI Environnement Inc. intends to continue and intensify its efforts when carrying out its daily activities, to protect the natural environment. To this end, our company has developed an environmental policy involving all staff, and sees to its application at all operating levels, from senior management to operations level.