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Pharmaceutical Products

Management of product residues, pharmaceutical waste, and Controlled Substances

This service is provided mainly to businesses or establishments generating residues or pharmaceutical waste. Examples are pharmaceutical labs, hospital pharmacies, public and private hospitals, pharmaceutical research centers, industrial or commercial installations. Following a rigorous segregation of the products constituting the pharmaceutical residues and waste, the products are packaged, collected and transported to our site.

Hazardous and non-hazardous pharmaceutical residues and waste, should not contain any medical or biomedical waste presenting infectious risks (compresses and soiled materials).

To accommodate controlled substances, our facilities include two level 9 security vaults. Their chemical destruction, authorized by Health Canada, is conducted in a controlled environment, secured by cameras and intrusion detection systems, under the supervision of three qualified and responsible. persons. The customer can, if they wish, witness the destruction of the products.

Pharmaceutical products

Types of pharmaceutical residues and waste treated:

The pharmaceutical residues and waste can be liquids, solids and in aerosols.

  • Raw materials used in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products
  • Expired or discarded drugs and pharmaceutical products
  • Drugs and pharmaceutical products contaminated by non-infectious agents
  • Cancer drugs
  • Solvents and alcohols
  • Controlled or restricted substances and chemical precursors
  • Containers and packaging (glass, plastic, metal, cardboard) of drugs and pharmaceutical products
  • Wastewater from production, rinsing or washing of equipment
Pharmaceutical products

Service features of CRI Environnement Inc.:

  • Experienced technicians in the management of pharmaceutical residues and waste, authorized to carry out each step safely, from their segregation at the customer to the consolidation at the management center.
  • Safe management practices of the staff working at the CRI Environnement site regarding sorting, transferring, moving and storage of pharmaceutical residues and waste.
  • Safe management of "labpacks'' that are   processed under fume hoods to remove fumes generated by the various products, thus ensuring the safety of the technicians assigned to the unpacking and consolidation of the pharmaceutical residues.
  • Capacity of transportation, analysis and identification of pharmaceutical residues and waste.
  • Computerized monitoring of the transfer of consolidated residues and pharmaceutical waste bound for destruction.
  • Storage area with a capacity of 2,600 drums, divided into sections dedicated to different types of products segregated according to their characteristics and physicochemical properties.
Pharmaceutical products