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Aerosol Cans

This service is provided mainly to businesses generating volumes of aerosol cans, discarded due to problems with composition, packaging or labeling.

Obsolete stocks of full or partially used aerosol cans are also shipped to the HWM management center of CRI Environnement, either as part of a comprehensive management contract or an agreement limited exclusively to the management of these residues.

Service features of CRI Environnement inc.:

Capacity to transport by trailer trucks and railcar, thanks to a rail link connecting our facilities to the various rail lines of North America. The cans can be transported in drums, quatrexes and boxes mounted on pallets.

Aerosol cans

Using an innovative recycling technology for aerosol cans providing the following steps:

  • Shredding cans in an immersed environment
  • Valorizing content of an organic nature that can be used with other combustible fuels for their calorific value.
  • Incineration of non-reusable aqueous waste.
  • Recovery and recycling of empty metal containers.
  • Processing capacity of 1.2 tons per hour
  • Processing capacity of a large variety of aerosols cans;
  • Paints
  • Solvents
  • Glues / adhesives
  • Pesticides and herbicides
  • Personal hygiene products
  • Other household products
Aerosol cans

Advantages related to the management services of aerosol cans 

  • Valorization of the propellant gases and organic content as a supplementary fuel, and metal recovery of the cans.
  • Shredding of cosmetic products to be excluded from the marketplace for reasons related to marketing or quality control.
  • Secure and certified destruction of non-reusable waste
  • Ability to manage all types of content in aerosol cans
  • Reduced management costs of residual aerosol cans
  • Eliminating the risk of reintroducing the cans to the marketplace
Aerosol cans