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Cosmetic Products

CRI Environnement service characteristics

Technicians with experience in the management of waste cosmetics, authorized to carry out each step in a secure manner, from segregating the waste at the clients facility up to its consolidation at our management center

Capacity of transportation, analysis and identification of cosmetics residues and waste.

Safe management practices of the staff working at the customer’s site regarding sorting, transferring, moving and storage of cosmetic residues and waste. Safe processing area equipped with fume hoods to remove the vapors generated by the various products, thus ensuring the safety of the technicians assigned to the unpacking and consolidation of the cosmetic residues.

Computerized monitoring of the transfer of the consolidated cosmetic residues and waste in drums or in bulk for recovery or safe disposal.

Storage area with a capacity of 2600 drums, divided into sections dedicated to different types of segregated products according to their characteristics and physicochemical properties.

Cosmetic products

Steps representing the management of cosmetic residues and waste

  • Inventory list provided by the client.
  • Sorting, classification and consolidation of cosmetic residue and waste based on the inventory list.
  • Setting up with the client and in his facilities of areas for collecting cosmetic residues and waste, specific containers according to their characteristics and properties, and intermediate storage areas.
  • Segregation and packaging of cosmetic residues and waste, including labpacks at the customer’s facility.
  • Collection and transportation of cosmetic residues and waste to our facility at Coteau-du-Lac.
  • Unloading of containers and drums, and preparation of a reception report.
  • Unpacking and destruction of cosmetic residues and waste by shredding.
  • Shipping of consolidated volumes to energy recovery sites (as fuel) or safe disposal for their elimination (incineration or secure landfill).
Cosmetic products

Types of cosmetic residues and waste treated

Cosmetics past their use-by date or unsuitable for sale

  • Personal care or beauty creams
  • Hair coloring cream and makeup products
  • Perfumes

Contaminated or damaged cosmetics

  • Nail polish
  • Oral and dental care products
  • Shaving, hair, and depilatory products

Solvents and alcohols​​​​​​​

  • sunscreens, sunless tanning, skin brightening
  • deodorants
  • etc.
Cosmetic products